A Sustainable Luxury Experience

A Sustainable Luxury Experience


Nebü is not just a jewellery brand; another accessory company. Every step of our  is obsessed over by our team, no detail left unturned.

You may recall from our previous blog post that we only work with pure gold. We consciously choose to work with pure gold, because that is the crux of the intrinsic value we offer our clients. Pure gold is immortal and a time tested store of value.

But that is not all we offer. Nebü is a wholistic experience. We want to ground the luxury of experiencing pure gold on your skin in sustainability, giving back and completing the loop. Here are a couple of ways that we have woven sustainability into the Nebü fabric.

Care for the Land

The earth is who gifted us this lustrous metal and we feel responsible to give something back to her. We do this in two ways:

Firstly, all the gold material that is refined to 99.99% purity before being crafted into our jewellery pieces, is collected solely from secondary sources. It is recycled and environmentally friendly. 

Secondly, we have collaborated with Greenpop as our environmental partner and beneficiary. 10% of the profits from our Earth Collection  will be donated to their forest restoration project: Forests For Life. The objective of this project is to plant 500,000 trees to restore degraded forest areas, increase biodiversity, and expand ecosystem services across Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025.

Care for Wildlife

Conservation is at the core of Nebü's goals - to offer its clients an exclusive, luxurious experience that brings Africa into their daily lives,  backed by a cause.

Our Wild Collection  focuses on the beauty and plight of endangered species. The stars of our show are currently the Rhino and the Pangolin - being the two most trafficked animals in the world.

We have collaborated with African Pangolin Working Group and Care For Wild - 10% of the profits from Wild Collection sales are donated to their project based conservation efforts.

We are really thrilled to be rolling out soon with another collaboration partner &Beyond who work closely with the African Pangolin Working Group. More on that later though. As a teaser - check the collaboration between &Beyond and APWG:

Care for People

As the saying goes charity starts at home.

We are committed to ensuring that the talented hands that craft our legacy jewellery pieces are paid proper wages and that local communities are uplifted and up-skilled, through our manufacturing partners.


So when you buy a Nebü jewellery piece, you have the satisfaction of knowing that not only will your jewellery continue to look brand new and grow in value, but that your purchase will help protect our natural heritage, the environment and the protection of endangered species.


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