Nebu’s Stellar Q1 Performance: A Beacon of Growth and Innovation!

Nebu’s Stellar Q1 Performance: A Beacon of Growth and Innovation!

Nebu’s Stellar Q1 Performance: A Beacon of Growth and Innovation!

As we close another quarter, it’s thrilling to report that Nebu has not only met but exceeded expectations. Thanks to your continued support, our Q1 has been marked by exceptional growth and exciting developments.

E-commerce sales surged by 43% year-over-year, while our wholesale distribution astonishingly grew by 98%. Overall, we've achieved an astounding growth rate of 83% this quarter. Our best sellers, which have captivated both new and loyal customers, include the Bullion Collection and Molten Collection. These achievements underscore our commitment to providing you with the best products and services.

What’s Next? Exciting Times Ahead in Q2!

Looking forward, we have some thrilling initiatives lined up for Q2 that promise to enhance your experience and engagement with our brand:

  • Prepare for exclusive deals that will make gifting even more joyful.
  • Launch of Our Zodiac Collection: Get ready for a stellar new collection that aligns with your stars!
  • Expanding Our Happy Clientele: We’re set to welcome more members into our community of savvy, satisfied customers.


Gold Performance: A Glimpse into the Golden Rally of Q1!

Gold’s Remarkable Journey to $2,400!

The first quarter saw gold prices ascend impressively, marking a 19% increase over just two months, a rally fuelled by a complex blend of economic factors. After trading in the range of $2,000 to $2,090/oz, gold broke out to scale new heights, touching over $2,400/oz. This surge can be attributed to anticipations of rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve, a softened Dollar, and diminishing real yields—traditional catalysts for a bull run in precious metals.

Contrary to initial expectations of rate reductions, economic voices like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers suggested potential rate hikes. Despite major banks revising their forecasts away from immediate cuts, gold’s allure didn’t wane, peaking before a slight pullback.

As inflation concerns persist beyond temporary measures, the consensus among analysts suggests a sustained high-inflation environment, limiting the Fed's ability to increase rates without risking recession. Global central banks are bolstering their reserves, recognizing gold’s enduring value against a potentially weakening Dollar. Hedge funds and savvy investors have also been active, reflecting a broader trend of gold’s appeal across different investor generations and a hedge against economic uncertainties.

As we navigate these exciting times, both in the realms of commerce and investment, we are grateful for your trust and partnership. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and innovate for you!

Warm regards,

Helen Viljoen

Founder and CEO

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