We are Thrilled to Welcome our New Coloured Alloys!

We are Thrilled to Welcome our New Coloured Alloys!


It has been a busy start to the year and some of you might have seen our polls going out about what new products and offerings you wanted to see. Well, you spoke and we listened.


With Nebü's debut collection, myself and my team endeavoured to deliver pure authenticity and fundamental investment value to our customers through our bullion-grade investment jewellery, crafted from 24-karat gold and silver, a first in Africa.


Each piece, sold by weight, could be objectively valued anywhere, anytime, when using the international standard gold and silver price.


However, we know that the yellow gold look or silver is not everyone’s cup of tea. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so naturally we have our individual tastes. With that in mind, we are simply thrilled to announce that we have expanded our precious metals offering.


Following Nebü's pioneering bullion collection of investment-grade jewellery, our collections have grown in coloured alloys of carefully curated precious metals. Now each beloved design is offered in 14K and 18K yellow, white and rose gold as well as non-tarnish silver, to suit every preference and occasion.


The quality and attention to detail has remained the same. Each of our treasures are still crafted with the utmost care and according to Nebü’s sustainable and earth-friendly processes. From our ethically and sustainably sourced gold and silver granules, through to the finished products that we love to adorn our customers with, we have ensured that the only thing that changes in each and every piece is the metal composition, to allow for colour variations.


So what are the differences between the alloys, you might ask. Is it just a colour thing, or is there more to it?

I’ll be dealing with that question and delving into the properties and differences between each alloy in our next blog post.


Bye for now, lovelies!