Nebü bespoke

Our bespoke jewellery atelier service gives you the opportunity to design a piece that reflects your individuality and tells a meaningful story. These pieces are designed with the purpose of becoming an heirloom, a timeless piece unique to the wearer.

Timeless heirlooms

Whether you have an existing piece that you would like to redesign or wish to create a new piece that can be passed on to future generations, Nebü can help you design a beautiful classic piece with lasting authenticity and sentimental value.

Customise a beloved Nebü design

Our bespoke atelier gives you the opportunity to customise any of your favourite Nebü designs, by adding elements such as precious stones or personalisation. Get in touch with our team to discuss your vision for your bespoke Nebü sustainable luxury treasure and we will help you design a piece that you can cherish.

Contact our bespoke atelier

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