Where does the name “Nebü” come from?

The name, Nebü, derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph for “gold” by the same name, represents the timeless value of gold throughout the ages. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was an indestructible and heavenly metal, with its divine origin to have originated from the flesh of the deities. 

To this ancient civilisation, gold symbolised immortality, from which the gods and goddesses were made from.

What kind of metal does Nebü make its jewellery from?

Nebü only manufacturers jewellery from 99.99% pure gold and 99.95% pure platinum. Gold, in its natural form, is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and immune to tarnishing. To ensure that these properties are not adulterated and that your piece will, not only retain its value for decades to come, but it will grow in value. 

24kt gold jewelry:

All pendant v-loops use 18k gold for the hanging mechanism. Earring shepperd hooks, pins and backings use 9k gold. These mechanisms withstand more wear and tear than pure gold and the other metal content is complementary. 

24kt platinum jewelry:

Earring shepperd hooks, pins and backings use 9k white gold. These mechanisms withstand more wear and tear than pure platinum and this metal content is complementary. 

How do I change the address linked to my profile?

Your address linked to your profile will be used as the delivery point for all your orders.

To change the address linked to your profile:

In the side menu:

Tap the “Profile” icon;

Within Profile, tap the “Address” icon;

Enter your address;

Press “Save”.

You will receive an e-mail from Nebü support to confirm your address change.

Should you wish to change your address once an order has been placed, please contact us on support@nebugold.com

How do I change the bank account linked to my profile?

Your bank account linked to your profile will be used to receive the proceeds from your gold sales

To change the bank account linked to your profile:

In the side menu, tap the “Profile” icon;

Within Profile, tap the “Bank Account” icon;

Enter your bank account details;

Press “Save”.

You will receive an e-mail from Nebü support confirming the change to your banking details.

Buy and Sell

When can I buy gold jewellery from the Nebü store?

You can buy gold anytime, anywhere with Nebü! 
No market closures, and no trading hour restrictions. 
Nebü has 24/7 live pricing on the online store, linked to the live gold price.

At what price do I buy Nebü pure gold jewellery?

The gold spot price (cost/gram) displayed on the Nebü online store is live, 24/7 prices which is linked to the prevailing gold price.

What is the pricing on Nebü online store made up of?

The displayed prices are live, 24/7 prices which are linked to the prevailing gold price at the time. Nebü jewellery is transparently priced by gram weight.

The total value of items is comprised of two important figures:
Nebü Daily Precious Metal Value – This is the real-time value of the pure gold contained in each manufactured jewellery piece. Once you have bought your jewellery, this value is yours and is valued the same, internationally. This value changes daily with the precious metal markets and is calculated by multiplying the pure gold weight by the price of gold per gram.

Nebü Fee – The design and manufacturing fee is a once off fee that Nebü charges on your jewellery. Our transparency allows you to determine, at any given time, what your jewellery is worth, should you wish to include it in your investment portfolio, exchange it back with Nebü or sell it, anywhere in the world.

Please take note that, due to the individual, unique manufacturing of each piece, and the finishing process by hand, weights of the jewellery can fluctuate from piece to piece by 0.5g per design.

How does Nebü determine the Daily Precious Metals Price?

Nebü jewellery prices fluctuate up or down with the daily official values for gold, which are based on a real-time feed from the international bullion markets.

When can I expect to receive my order?

All Nebü jewellery is manufactured to your unique order specifications. Once your order is received, the manufacturing of your unique piece takes approximately 7-10 business days, depending on the complexity of the design. Once your special Nebü piece is made, it will be packaged and delivered and will arrive at your door in approximately 5 -7 business days via DHL Express shipping.

Will I be charged taxes and duties?

In South Africa, Nebü charges Value Added Tax (VAT) on all local purchases. For international orders, additional import taxes and/or duties may be charged by your local customs office. Prior to purchase, please check with your country’s customs office to determine the additional costs that will be applied to your order.

Orders shipped to the US qualify for duty free shipping due to the AGOA free trade agreement between South Africa and the US and the classification of Nebü's products under the following HS code: D 7113.19. Nebü ensures that all necessary paperwork accompanies your parcel, however should your local customs office require a duty payment or additional documentation, please notify Nebü so we may assist in the clearance process. 

In most cases, DHL will still charge a nominal handling fee on the shipment which is payable before delivery. Your local customs authority will communicate these charges directly to you.


DHL has advised the following regarding the handling fees charged: (As at July 2022)

Advance Payment (ADV) - The service covers any import of a non-document shipment for which DHL has paid or used its Customs credit line advancing Customs duties, taxes or regulatory charges on behalf of those importers with whom DHL has no contract. The charge is based on the credit advanced or guaranteed and is subject to a standard $17.00 USD.

Merchandise Processing (MPF) - Merchandise Processing Fee is a Customs-imposed service charge payable if the declared value of your parcel is more than $2500USD. The rate is 0.3464% of the net entered value with a minimum of $27.75 and a maximum of $538.40 per shipment.

Single Transaction Bonds (STB) may be used to secure a one-time importation.

What countries do we ship to?

We ship to most regions worldwide. 

How much is shipping?

Nebü offers shipping as follows: 

Orders under $1000: $65 shipping fee

Orders between $1000 - $1499: Discounted shipping fee of $35

Orders over $1500: Free shipping


Optional shipping insurance is available at checkout, which is approximately 1% of the order value

Can I track my order?

Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to despatch and delivery. In your delivery confirmation emails, you’ll receive a tracking reference which you can use to check the progress of your order online.


What is the difference between Nebü Jewellery and other Jewellery?

Nebü differs from most modern jewellers in a couple of ways:

  • Nebü, unlike most modern jewellery is sold by gram weight of the precious metal content, using a transparent pricing system; all Nebü jewellery pieces are sold by weight price + a once off design fee calculated as a percentage of the weight.
  • Modern jewelers dilute the value of the precious metal (that holds the actual value) by creating popular alloys like white or rose gold, depending on that fashion at the time. This is achieved by mixing other, plentiful metals with rare gold and by doing so, the purity characteristics are adulterated.
  • Nebü’s purity pledge prevents it from using anything other that pure 24karat gold – no alloys, plating or filling is used, to ensure that there will be no discoloration or tarnishing and your jewellery will retain its immortal value.

What is pure gold jewellery?

The element Gold (Au) is found in nature as 24K, with very unique qualities namely that it is immune to oxidization, is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. In other words, it will never decay over time just like the pure gold jewellery made during Egyptian times thousands of years ago, looks exactly the same to this day, no matter where it was stored.

What is an alloy?

An alloy is when the 24K pure gold (100% pure gold) is diluted by adding other metals. Jewellery made with alloys are ubiquitous and common. Gold cannot be recreated or made more of, there is a finite amount of it on Earth, thus ensuring its preserved value. 

Traditionally jewellery was made to show and to store wealth. We are taking jewellery back to its roots.

Our clients are guaranteed the benefits of pure gold, namely the store of value, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities and the immunity from oxidization.

Why does Nebü not used stones in their jewellery, like diamonds and gems?

Gold is a natural and rare precious element. For every gram of gold on earth, there are 400,000 grams of diamonds.

By not working with stones, we ensure that there is no confusion or subjectivity about what the intrinsic value of the jewellery is. At any given time our clients will know exactly what the value of their jewellery is according to objective, international standards.

What does Jewellery with a cause mean?

The founder of Nebü is a conservationist and philanthropist by heart and charity has always been a part of her life, whether it be through volunteering at shelters, organizing fund raisers or donating money to worthy causes.

This social responsibility is woven into the Nebü fabric, making it the jewellery brand with a cause, that it is today. Mother Earth gave Nebü the gold that it uses to make it’s precious jewellery and so Nebü gives back to Mother Earth, in thanks.

Our African Collection gives 10% of all profits to Conservation specific Causes that have been vetted by Nebü, for the endangered animals that inspired the designs of their specific Collection.

How do I size my ring?

Please refer to our Ring Size & Measurement Guide.

To determine your size using one of your own rings, please refer to our printable Sizing Chart.

How do I determine the size for a wrist cuff?

Please follow the sizing guide for wrist cuffs below:


Where does Nebü source it’s material and where does it manufacture its jewellery?

Nebu’s gold is responsibly sourced through our manufacturing partner, Metal Concentrators (Pty) Ltd, one of the largest and most reputable manufactures in the South Africa. All our jewellery is manufactured by Metal Concentrators (Pty) Ltd who comply with all regulations and who also run their own social responsibility charities and philanthropic outreach programs.

Caring and Maintenance of your Nebü Jewellery

What is the difference in caring for Nebü jewellery vs other jewellery?

Pure Gold is discernible from other precious metals in its radiance, immunity to decay and relative softness compared to other metals. The purity of 24 karat gold, ensures that it will keep shining, regardless of its storage, for millions of years.

Due to its relative softness or malleability, when in its purest form, your pieces will fit your body over time and through every day wear, and it should be polished by a professional local jeweller.

Even the hardest of precious metals, like platinum, will scratch if worn on a daily basis and we recommend that you store your jewellery correctly.

How do I care for my Nebü jewellery?

To maintain the natural sheen of your gold jewellery it is advised to regularly wipe it with a soft cloth and to always store it separately from your other jewellery.

Occasionally, one can let your jewellery soak in warm water with mild detergent to remove any residue that might have built up from your everyday wear, which can cause your jewellery to appear dull.

Always take your jewellery to a trusted jeweller who knows how to polish high purity gold.

Pure Gold jewellery does not tarnish, but can be adversely affected by harsh chemicals such as bleach. 

Given the malleability of pure gold, it is advisable to not wear your Nebü jewellery during exercise or manual activity that might cause scratches and dents.

Some perfumes and cosmetic products can also contain harmful chemicals so take care when applying such products to the areas where your jewellery might come into contact with it, for instance around your wrists.