Gold spot price (g) : $58.65
Platinum spot price (g) : $27.94
Gold spot price (oz) : $1,824.02
Platinum spot price (oz) : $868.93

24Kt Gold

The natural element of gold (Au) has been coveted for thousands of years due to its
unique physical properties and spiritual pull. From the dawn of ancient civilization,
man has been obsessed with this celestial metal.


 Sadly, your average jewellery (even fine jewellery) is comprised of a maximum of
18Kt or 75% gold, with the balance being made up of other, less valuable metals that
react with oxygen and lead to tarnishing.


 Not to mention its radiant beauty, this noble metal is indestructible and does not
react with the most abundant element of oxygen (O2), making gold inherently
immortal and timeless.


 Gold’s exceeding rarity in nature and significant opportunity cost to un-earth also
makes it this world’s time-tested store of value, chosen as such across disparate
civilizations and geographies for millennia.


The culmination of these foundational properties and significant track record makes
gold the most trusted, stable and beautiful investment in the history of our world.

Experience the deep glow exclusive to 99.99% pure Gold. Only pure is precious.