Gold spot price (g) : $58.65
Platinum spot price (g) : $28.04
Gold spot price (oz) : $1,824.02
Platinum spot price (oz) : $872.04

24Kt Platinum

It is no wonder that this silvery-white metal neighbours gold in the periodic table.
Gold’s beautiful twin - a dense, malleable, noble, precious metal. 


Whilst Platinum is more durable, and less Platinum is mined than gold each year,
Platinum’s spot price is lower than gold, making it a more accessible option to its
golden sister, in its purest form.


Highstreet Platinum jewellery is at least 95% pure, in comparison to a low 75% in its
golden counterpart. But what many people don’t know about Platinum  jewellery they
buy is that it's made from recycled Platinum, and unlike recycled gold (what Nebü
uses) that can be refined extensively, ensuring the maintenance of its luster, refining
secondary Platinum cannot fully shed trace metals, making it dull. 


Nebü’s partnership with the leading refinery, Metal Concentrators in South Africa,
has secured  exclusive access to virgin Platinum from AngloPlatinum. Unique to
Nebü, our Platinum jewellery glows bright and deep.   


Experience the bright glow exclusive to 99.9% pure Platinum. Only pure is precious.