Natural beauty. Sustainable luxury.

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Down to earth investment

Beauty in conservation

Nebü enables you to invest in nature conservation by earthing your capital in jewellery. We recognise the timeless value of the true jewels of the earth, and we have designed a way for you to invest back into it.

We devote 10% of the purchase price of all Nebü products to our conservation partners, each of whom focuses on specific rehabilitation objectives.

Worth its weight

Our jewellery range is made from investment-grade 24-karat (99,99%) pure gold and silver, recycled and refined according to our high-quality production process. 

Each elegant design is inspired by an endangered animal species or vulnerable wildlife habitat. Reconnect with nature.

Enduring value

Through our range of pure gold and silver jewellery, we are committed to giving our clients enduring value and building a legacy of sustainable luxury.

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Pure African legacy

African founded. African sourced. African made. Nebü pure gold and silver jewellery is crafted by our leading local manufacturing partner, who shares our commitment to unsurpassed quality.


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