Wearable bullion. Worth its weight.

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Wearable bullion. Worth its weight.

The Nebü Difference

Beautiful investment

Nebü creates beautiful wearable bullion. We guarantee pure authenticity and true value to clients through our 99.99% pure gold and 99.95% pure platinum  jewellery,  designed and produced sustainably through considered craftsmanship. 

As part of our our sustainability pledge a portion of a profits are donated to our verified conservation partners, uniting our cosmic legacies. 

Timeless jewellery designed to be treasured

Nebü is not just an exclusive, fine jewellery brand. Nebu has taken traditional bullion investment out of the vault and converted it into elegant, wearable jewellery for our clients to enjoy. Through sound financial foundations, our jewellery removes the subjectivity associated with the value of fine jewellery through a transparent pricing model.

Pure African Luxury

African founded. African gold and platinum. African artisans.


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