About Nebü

Unadulterated purity and time-tested value are the pillars upon which Nebü builds its legacy. This legacy has been our motivation to invest in the heritage of our planet and future children’s natural inheritance.


Our founder, Helen Viljoen, a graduate in both law and genetics, is passionate about unifying her search for justice and truth, and her love of nature. Helen’s husband, an entrepreneur and believer in Austrian economics and its connection with the reputable value of gold, unlocked a world of information that led her on the path to Nebü. 


With Nebü, Helen endeavours to deliver pure authenticity and fundamental value to clients through 24-karat gold and silver jewellery, a first in Africa. Nebü pledges 10% of all proceeds to environmental and endangered species conservation, giving back to her source of inspiration. Overwhelmed by the choice of which conservation causes to support, Helen felt that charity should start at home, and South Africa was her first port of call. 


Each of our collections is inspired by vulnerable and endangered species, their rarity mirrored by the rarity of pure, 24-karat gold, which was the first precious metal used to create our bespoke pieces. We have since branched out, creating a second, pure silver alternative. 


We understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the world we have so that future generations may enjoy the same legacy that we have inherited from those who came before us. That is why we take extra care in ensuring that every piece of Nebü jewellery is carefully designed and made from sustainably  sourced precious metals that speak to the conservation of our natural world and your wealth. 


With Nebü, you not only earth your capital and invest in your future, but also contribute significantly towards leaving a legacy that conserves the earth. The uncompromised luxury and purity of our 24-karat gold and silver jewellery will add unrivalled elegance to your wardrobe.

Nebü values

Leave a legacy
Commit to true value
Guarantee authenticity
Genuine transparency
Pledge quality
Conserve and protect

What's in a name

The name, Nebü, derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph for gold by the same name, represents the timeless value of gold throughout the ages.

Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was an indestructible and heavenly metal, with its divine origin to have originated from the flesh of the deities.

The gods and the pharaohs were associated with gold, and the goddesses were often depicted kneeling on top of the Nebü hieroglyph. To this ancient civilisation, gold symbolised immortality.

Why Nebü

Nebü merges beauty, intrinsic value and gold’s illustrious history to bring you uniquely designed investment-grade jewellery that is crafted in pure, unadulterated gold.

Our timeless design pieces are sold by gram weight to give you novel pricing transparency into the inherent value of your jewellery investment.

We aim to immortalize your wealth by restoring the ancient link between jewellery and investment, allowing you to create a legacy of wealth and adornment to last for generations to come. Nebü - pure, timeless jewellery.

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